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AGB Torquay International School

Terms & Conditions

Before you book and pay for a course at Torquay International School, you must read and confirm you have understood our terms and conditions below.

Your booking

It is essential that you give us all the information we ask for and you must tell us if you have any medical conditions, allergies or dietary requirements, particularly if you have any serious difficulties with hearing, sight or mobility.


We strongly recommend that you travel with adequate insurance to cover expenses in case of emergency and also fees and costs in case of cancellation or curtailment. Alternatively ask your Education Consultant or Educational Tour Operator for insurance information.


We only accept students at beginner level on our General English 15 course starting on the first Monday of every month. If you are uncertain of your English level, you can complete our simple online test.

Cancellation charges: All cancellations must be in writing.

More than 28 days before the course starts: Registration Fee, Accommodation Placement Fee.
14 to 28 days before the course starts: Registration Fee, Accommodation Placement Fee, one week's tuition, one week's Homestay fees.
13 days to midday on Friday before course starts: Registration Fee, Accommodation Placement Fee, four weeks' tuition, two weeks' Homestay fees.
Cancellations made after midday on Friday before course starts or non-arrivals: Registration Fee, Accommodation Placement Fee, full tuition fees, two weeks' Homestay fees.
Club TIS Hotel and Apartments: 8 weeks' cancellation fees are required for all Club TIS Hotel, Cedar Cottage and Rosa apartment bookings. If less than 8 weeks is given we will retain the first 8 weeks of the payment unless the rooms or apartments are re-let for any of the period.
Visa refusals: Once we have had sight of the original visa refusal notification we will refund all fees except the Registration Fee, Accommodation Placement Fee and any courier delivery charges. Any refunds due will be made to the person or organisation that made your booking for you. If you paid by credit card or bank transfer then fees will be refunded to the same account.
Credit notes: In case of cancellations, a discretionary credit note may be issued under special circumstances. The credit note is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Postponement of your course and accommodation

All changes must be in writing or by email to study@tisenglish.co.uk. Should you wish to postpone your course for reasons outside your control, such as bereavement or serious illness, any fees paid can be held in credit for you for up to one year. If fees have increased during this time, the difference will become payable. Credited fees cannot be transferred to another person. Course and accommodation changes or curtailments after arrival All changes must be in writing or by email to study@tisenglish.co.uk . You are able to upgrade if possible, but we do not give a refund if you cancel, curtail your stay or change to a cheaper course after arrival. If you cancel your homestay, we refund everything except the next two full weeks. If you cancel the Club TIS Hotel, Cedar Cottage or Rosa, we do not give any refund unless we are able to re-let the accommodation during the time of your booking.

Force Majeure

TIS is not liable for loss of tuition or other services due to factors outside our control. Refunds will not be made under these circumstances.

Changes we may make to your course

Although it is extremely rare, we may change or moderate your course if there are no other students at your level:
30 hour Business & Professional English Courses: you will receive 1-1 tuition for 24 hours each week
General English Courses (including Long Stay and Academic English): you have a choice, either study in a group at the nearest available level or convert to the equivalent value of 1-1 lessons. In both cases, we give you an additional 60 minute private lesson each week at no extra charge.
15 hour Intensive English Mini Group courses: you will receive 1-1 tuition for 12 hours each week.
23 hour Cambridge Exam Courses: in the unlikely event that there are only 1 or 2 exam candidates, students receive 15 hours General English at the nearest level plus 8 hours 1-1 or 2-1 exam preparation.

Under 18s

TIS courses are aimed at adults and 16/17 year olds are expected to study seriously and behave in an adult way. Parents or guardians of under 18s must send us a completed "parental consent form" before the student arrives in the school and must abide by the curfew set by the school and homestay provider. Please note that 16/17 year old students are not supervised except in lessons and on class excursions.

Opening Dates

The school is open all year, with the exception of Christmas and New Year when it closes for 2 weeks. Classes take place from Monday to Friday and run as usual on all other public, religious or bank holidays including Easter. The school is closed at weekends.


If you have a problem whilst you are in the school, let us know immediately so we can help you. The complaints procedure is detailed in your Student Handbook. Complaints can only be accepted during the time you are attending the school and not after you have completed your course.


For your own benefit and the benefit of your fellow students, you are expected to speak English at all times and behave respectfully to other students, staff and accommodation providers. In a multi-national environment it is vital to respect cultural, racial and religious differences.


Photographs or videos which are taken while you are here may be used for promotional reasons. If you do not wish us to use these images please inform us in writing on or before your arrival at the school.




Torquay International School

Torquay International School

Torquay International School